Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smitten on Saturday

It's Saturday!! Which means it's time for another....

Smitten on Saturday.

Each Saturday, I'll post pictures and details on a random book-to-television/movie hottie. Or maybe not even a "hottie", but anyone that I am "smitten" with, for whatever reason.

This week's pick:
  Temperance Brennan

In a little less than two weeks, season 6 of Bones will premiere on Fox. Bones is my absolute favorite crime drama (followed closely by Criminal Minds which also premieres this month.) A big difference between the two, Bones is based on a series of novels by Kathy Reichs. The characters vary widely from books to tv, but the protagonist is always the same---Temperance Brennan.
She's a genius. Seriously.
She's clueless. You would think being both a genius and clueless would be impossible, but Bones (as Booth refers to her in the show) is definitely both. While there doesn't seem to be a single fact she doesn't know, she's seriously naive when it comes to the way of the world and today's culture. She approaches everything from a scientific point of view, and this creates some serious humor.
I'm quite excited for the season premiere!!!