About Me

I'm assuming if you came to this page, you'd like to know something about me. So I suppose...I'll tell you something.

Meet the Junkie:
My name is Amanda, and I'm from the Midwest. I have two beautiful children, who for privacy purposes shall remain nameless in the internet world. I am a stay at home mom, and loving every minute of it!

I am an avid reader. (Obviously) While I tend to read more young adult novels than any other genre, I still love it all. I love reading books by new authors, and I love having this opportunity to spread the word about them! Perhaps this is because, I'm an aspiring author myself. Everybody has a dream, and that's mine!

About the blog:
I'll make it clear now--my interest isn't in writing the "best review". I write what I feel, and if I don't like a book, those words may be all I use to tell you. If I love a book, I'll tell you. I do have a critical mind from time to time, so I'll usually have a negative and a positive thing to say about the books I read. Just don't come to my blog expecting complexity, because you'll probably leave disappointed.

There may be times when I go days, even weeks without a post. (Though this has yet to happen.) As I mentioned, I have kids and sometimes life just gets in the way of reading. (Sad, I know.)

So there you have it!