Review Policy

New: I'm currently not accepting review requests. I'm open for consideration if you think I'd love your book, but please keep in mind, I'm making few, if any, exceptions at this time.

I would be more than happy to review copies from authors and publishers, but they must fall within my guidelines. If you'd like to contact me to review your book, please use the form at the bottom of this post, or email me directly at

Review Policy:

1. At this point I am open to considering any book in the Young Adult genre. I do not accept Middle Grade, because I rarely enjoy them and don't feel as though my review would be fair. I will accept adult novels on occasion.

2. I am open to self-published books as well as traditionally published. Pdfs and e-books are fine, as long as they are Kindle compatible.

3. I will not accept non-fiction, or memoirs.

4. If I accept your book, I will try to have it read within 1-2 months. I try to write and post reviews directly after reading books, but if it is an advanced copy, I will wait until we're closer to the book's release date. I post my reviews on my blog and Goodreads, but I am open to posting on Amazon or other places of your preference. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you would like them posted elsewhere. I would be happy to, so just let me know!
Note that I do not guarantee to have the book read within any time period, nor do I guarantee to post a review. I'll give books 50 pages, and if I'm not interested in finishing it, I will not review it.

5. I will never sell any books you send me, however I may donate them or pass them along in a giveaway on my blog.

6. I am willing to do an interview, guest post, or giveaway to promote your book.

7. As a lover of books, I promise to treat yours with the utmost respect, regardless of my opinion of it.

8. I strive to be completely honest in my reviews. If you or your client is sensitive to negative reviews, please do not consider me for a review. If I receive a book and do no like it, I will say so.

Please fill out this form to contact me. Messages will go straight to my primary email address, and I promise to never share your email address with anyone.