Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best New Blog, 2010!! (Nomination)

I may be away a few days. I woke up with some severe stomach pain early Friday morning, and by afternoon I'd had my appendix removed. Guess what? Not fun. So I'm recovering, and slowly getting some reading done, but it will probably be a little after the holidays before I'm up to reviewing and such. I honestly would like to just sleep for the next month, but with two toddlers, this is impossible. It's also impossible to properly take care of and discipline children when it takes you forty five seconds to get up. You should see my  house. Okay, no you shouldn't. No one should. :p

Anyways, the point of this post. Natalie over at Mindful Musings is hosting a "Best Blog and Best New Blog of 2010"! I heard from another blogger via twitter that her blog was nominated, so I actually went over to Mindful Musings with the intent of voting for her blog, only to notice my blog on the list. Quite the surprise, so thank you to whoever is responsible for that!

I encourage all of you to go over and vote for your favorites for this year! Whether that's me, or another blog, they're all fantastic and everyone deserves to win!

(PS. That first paragraph was for informative purposes only. I'm not asking for a pity vote, nor do I expect one. I love you either way. :) )