Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Tuesday

I'm in a blah-music-only-no-human-contact type mood today, and since the bestie isn't going to be doing Tune Tuesday today, I figured I'd go ahead and do Good Choice Reading's Music Tuesday.

The rules:
1. Match a song to the book you're currently reading or a book you've read already
2. Just share a song that you used to listen to all the time or currently have on replay

Once you have picked a song
1. Post the video (if there is one) with the lyrics below the video
2. If you're matching it up with a book, you can add a picture of the book and a link to your review (if there is one)

Now, I'm reading Shiver. I'm enjoying it, but the music that would fit into Shiver, just doesn't match my mood today. I'm a mood listener. When I'm in this Leave-Me-Alone mood, I need, Leave-Me-Alone music. So here's a sample of what I'm listening to today:

(Okay, and for the record, Tech N9ne has a song(s) for every mood, so I pick and choose. :)

Explicit lyrics!!!!

I didn't wanna fucking do this song, for real
But I wouldn't be real if I didn't

I be sittin by myself and thinkin, mamma what have I become?
All I wanted was a family, but when I look I be the only one
Losing everything but money, everybody left and I don't even get to see my young
Only happiness I get is in the studio or when I get to do another run
On the road, doin shows, get the woes, when it slows
gettin cold, getting old, but the flows, gettin sold
I've been doin this a minute but I think I wanna end it cause I'm on a higher level when I go
But the music I be doin it, be losin, make it hard for me to grow
All I wanted is a family portrait, see my babies on a ranch with horses
But I was fucking devil bitches in corsets. I was livin really good then I torched it
I'm sorry Ms Jackson, I'm speakin for real and I never meant to make your daughter cry
But I guess I'm a failure with women and I'm lost and I feel like I ought to die
Feel like I'm rotting away, my life is just off in the grey
How much does it cost I will pay, to lay, and be off in a coffin today
I mean off in ashes, this life ain't after a classes, If I get blasted
This is Suicide Letters all over again, I thought that I passed it
But I guess that I didn't, cause this one is written and there is no mending
When I'm broke I'm a joke, when I croak I just hope I wont be descending
But this ain't a joke, I want you to know that Tech Nina is never pretending
Alone in my bed, with a gun to my head, asking WHERE IS MY HAPPY ENDING?

Tell me how it ends?

What about me? Where is my happy ending?
What about me? Is this a life worth living?
You know how it begins, but how does it end for me?
Will I ever win, or does he have it in for me?
Will this stop before I stop breathing?
Is their light, in this dark I'm seein?

 I put my life in this music, Nina is inside out
I set my heart out for people, they know what the inside 'bout
Will they keep feelin Nina forever, this I doubt
Can never cry for help, so if you listenin this my SHOUT
I'm searching for the passage way to happiness
But I'm worldly So I have to lay in nastiness
Yes, this is Strange year, worldwide fame's near, but the games queer
Sometime I feel like I'm Rudolph, the reindeer
But instead of a red nose, I stay in my red clothes
And the music they said blows, is on top and the cred grows
Can you resurrect a mother fucker that feel like he pose as a dead soul
Deteriorate to an inferior state almost equal to bread mold
Now as my head goes, wish I could shed those
Because all the time the Nina was shorted, what I bled froze
So now that I'm cold blooded, and hella sick is what the med shows
The tread slows, and don't even think you reviving a dead rose.


I'm on the verge of insanity, but I'm competent
I'm breakin so I pick this one to vent
The reason I look away when you talk to me my brain is producin evilness
I'm drownin in 151 and rumblements. That's how I feel
I sit in the mirror with this gun and practice how to kill
But I know damn well that the people like me really wanna know how to chill
This life is about a check, about a number, about a bill
Think about all the love I lost because my quest is about a mill
I feel like your stupid, don't talk to me I'm crackin up
And I don't mean laughter I'm full of bitterness and its backing up
And I live with angles, but lately demons been shakin up
Tug of war with my spirit, you see the blood I'm hacking up?
I love my kids and my fans inside I sob harder
Cause you pay the price for my life and its right like Bob Barker
And I wont pretend that it's ok, I'm no facade starter
So I guess my only happy ending is in a massage parlor