Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Tune Tuesday is hosted by Shanise at Camisado Mind. Each week, we make a music playlist based on a specific theme. The idea is to find these songs in your iTunes (or whatever program) library, but you can create the playlist any way you like.

This weeks theme: Songs with long titles. (Long meaning, four or more words)

  1. And All Things Will End -- Avenged Sevenfold (listen)
  2. I Know You Won't -- Carrie Underwood (listen)
  3. Attached at the Hip -- CKY (listen)
  4. Sink Into the Underground -- CKY (listen)
  5. Letters Home from the Garden of Stone -- Everlast (listen)
  6. The Way of the Fist -- Five Finger Death Punch (listen)
  7. Tell Me what we're Gonna Do Now -- Joss Stone (listen)
  8. I've Fallen in Love With You -- Joss Stone (listen)
  9. Do it like I Do It -- Krizz Kaliko (listen)
  10. What Goes Around, Comes Around -- Justin Timberlake (listen)
  11. Heard it All Before -- Mudvayne (listen)
  12. Where the Lines Overlap -- Paramore (listen)
  13. That's What You Get -- Paramore (listen)
  14. Let Me Let You Know -- Pink (listen)
  15. Opium of the People -- Slipknot (listen)
  16. Pulse of the Maggots -- Slipknot (listen)
  17. Trapped in a Psycho's Body -- Tech N9ne (listen)
  18. The P.A.S.E.O (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary) -- Tech N9ne (listen)
  19. Need More Angels with a Prayer by Brother K.T -- Tech N9ne (listen)
  20. Oh You Didn't Know -- Tech N9ne (listen)
Wow that took a while. I just skimmed my library throwing songs with longish titles into a playlist, and ended up with over 90 songs. But I somehow managed to narrow it down, and there ya go!