Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Tune Tuesday is hosted by Shanise at Camisado Mind, and create a playlist for a theme each week.

This weeks theme is: Escape. So here's my playlist when I need to escape the world! The playlist is supposed to be ten songs long, but for this theme, I couldn't just choose ten. So yeah, I broke the rules.

  1. Angel's Son--Sevendust.
  2. Feeling Sorry--Paramore.
  3. We are Broken--Paramore.
  4. I Don't Believe You--Pink.
  5. Flat on the Floor--Carrie Underwood.
  6. Never Enough--Five Finger Death Punch.
  7. Smiling Faces--Kutt Calhoun.
  8. Wait and Bleed--Slipknot.
  9. Vermillion Pt. 2--Slipknot.
  10. Happy Ending--Tech N9ne.
  11. One Good Time--Tech N9ne.
  12. Hope for a Higher Power--Tech N9ne.
  13. Blackened the Sun--Tech N9ne.
  14. Scream With Me--Mudvayne.
  15. Down--Motograter.
  16. You Lost Me--Christina Aguilera (the newest addition to the playlist!)
As you can see, there really is no rhyme or reason to what kind of music lifts me up when I'm in a mood. It just....does. And I listen to a wide variety.

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