Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenged

I've decided to participate in a challenge. In this challenge, we use a random generator to come up with a verb, and by searching that verb, we come up with our picture. We use a random name generator for the name, put all three things together, and create a book cover! Then we write a synopsis.

It was harder than I'd thought. I spent a while working on the original plan, and it turned out horrible. It didn't take me long to feel like.......a;ekfjas;ldfkjask;lfja;slfjasdlk;jfdsa;lkfjasdf--that.

So I decided to just throw it together, make something up, and enter it! I'm officially frustrated! I hope it was a least somewhat worth it. :/

Chris has spent his life in his basement. He did this by choice, his head in books and the world shut out. It has always been his technique for survival. Let no one in, try your hardest to get out, and get away--far away.

When Chris hears Chloe's violin singing next door, he's both enthralled and in shock. He'd seen Chloe in school, and she's quiet, reserved. She never spoke unless spoken to, and never spent more time in school than necessary.

Chloe's life is slipping out of her grasp. Suicide seems like a cowardly way out, but sinking into the depths of depression, taking her own life seems imminent. Music was the only thing Chloe had to cling to, but it isn't enough any more.

Chris and Chloe's worlds collide unexpectedly. Their lives are tangled, and they find themselves fighting feelings they shouldn't have. But Chris knows Chloe is special, and he longs for the day the rest of the world will hear her play. Little does he know, that may never happen.

Will Chris's presence be enough to pull Chloe from the edge?

Will Chloe finally teach Chris the meaning of needing to break away?


  1. LOVE this; it's gorgeous. And your synopsis is amazing as well.

  2. This was a hard challenge! I think you cover and story turned out well.

  3. Oh, crying already ~ wipes tear away ~

    It's going to be a great story.... :-)

  4. WOW - this sounds awesome! I'm so sorry you got frustrated.


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