Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smitten on Saturday

No one has a meme that I participate in on Saturdays, and today I have no reviews to post, so I decided to start a meme of my own. Though for now it'll just be a feature, and whether or not anyone else participates will decide whether or not it can ever be called a "meme". So....

Smitten on Saturday.
Each Saturday, I'll post pictures and details on a random book-to-television/movie hottie. Or maybe not even a "hottie", but anyone that I am "smitten" with, for whatever reason.

This week (and every other week for the past year) I am smitten with:

Eric Northman

For those who don't know (does anyone not know?), Eric Northman is  the Sherriff of Louisiana Area 5, in the ever so popular Sookie Stackhouse novels, known on the screen as True Blood. He is over a thousand years old, and was a Viking in his time as a human. I loved Eric in the books, but the on screen portrayal makes me melt. With nearly every episode I feel like I'm reading Dead to the World all over again. If they leave that book out next season, I will die.

Oh, Eric. You arrogant, self-absorbed, callous thing you. Charlaine Harris has blessed you with the ability to be everything every woman wants in man, but is so much better off without.

Of course, we all know deep down there's a sweet, lovable, trustworthy, gentleman. Well, if you're Sookie, anyway.

So who are you smitten with these days? If you do your own Smitten on Saturday post, leave the link in the comments so I can go read it!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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