Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh, I guess! My Twilight views/Eclipse Review!

The movie, that is.

I tried to refrain from this, I really did. I have a certain soft spot for Twilight, but I did not (and still don't) want my blog to be a Twilight-hyped blog. To be quite honest, I'm kind of sick of hearing about all things Twilight. How is that I can enjoy something so much, and yet be so sick of hearing about it at the same time?! (I just think people overdo it.)

So, anywho.

I watched the first Twilight movie without having read the books. Actually, without having heard of the books. After I watched it, (and thoroughly enjoyed it) I had to read the books. (Because that's the type of thing I like to do to myself. Torture. Apparently.) I loved them. All four of them, and though Breaking Dawn is hated by many, it's actually my favorite. Yes, I understand the writing is sub-par at best. The abundance of the word "incredulous" drove me insane, not to mention the overuse of the--dashes. (Much like my overuse of parenthesis.) By the third book, I really couldn't stand Bella much. Her constant push-pull between Edward and Jacob made me want to jump into the book and slap her. Seriously chick, just pick one and stick with HIM. Do you really need/deserve both? She was quite selfish, that one.

After reading all four books, I felt the first movie was seriously lacking. For starters, the acting is atrocious. (Which is something I should've noticed without having to read the books first, but I did not.) Then there's everything they left out; Jasper's ability, Alice's past, "I love you", the entire Blood Type chapter. Neither Kristin Stewart, nor Robert Pattinson worked for me as Edward and Bella. (Though I did feel Ashley Greene was perfect for Alice, as was Billy Burke for Charlie.) Still yet, the movie suddenly felt dull. Still does.

New Moon was great in theater. Seeing the wolves for the first time, and the encounter between Jacob and Alice was quite amusing, but I think that's where my praise for it ends. (Oh wait, Jessica was great.) But it was just too much. It was basically a chapter by chapter recount of the book. So Twilight was missing too much, and New Moon included too much.

So where does that leave Eclipse?

I think David Slade got it right this time. I thought it was the perfect balance of what was/wasn't in the book.

Let's make this simple:

  • The fight scene. The way they showed the wolves and the Cullens not only fighting together, but also protecting each other, was great.
  • Jasper. He finally shined, and his little southern accent was adorable!
  • The tent scene. They did leave a few lines out, but it was still great!
  • The acting improved, a lot. For everyone.
  • Leah. That girl who plays her, plays the part very well!
  • Taylor Lautner. I know I already mentioned the acting improved, but I seriously feel like he's still the only one we ever get any emotion out of. (Which is probably why I'm Team Edward in the books, Team Jacob on screen. I think it boils down to the actors. Book Jacob is...a jackass.)
  • Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard may be a great actress, I don't know. She may be a sweet girl who didn't intentionally take the part from Rachelle Lafevre. But it's just distracting. For one, the hair is awful. She looks like a poodle, rather than the long flowing locks that Rachelle had. She also didn't feel vicious. She seemed too sweet. It just didn't work for me.
  • The wig. It was just...awful.
So that's what I thought of Eclipse! (For now, I'm sure I'll think of something to add and come back to it)

What did you think/?


  1. Right on! Poor Rachel Lefevre--she was a wonderful, beautiful, vicious Victoria, and while I'm a huge Bryce Dallas Howard fan, I just couldnt' believe her as the villain.

    Yep, Taylor's acting's gotten better.

  2. i haven't watched eclipse yet twilight was horrible new moon was okayish lets hope eclipse proves me wrong i loved the books i just wish they made more of an effort with the movies.

  3. Hey, same about the reading (well, devouring) the books only after watching "Twilight" when it came out.
    I'm a fan of the movies, to be honest, athough I didn't care that much for the first film after I'd read the books.New moon and Eclipse were better, pretty decent films I thought. Plus, I think that they've done a much, much, much better job in transforming the Twilight Saga than the sad mess they made out of the Harry Potter's. Only my opinion, of course :)


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