Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paranormal/Fantasy VS Contemporary

Before I read Twilight (cringe, I hate typing that title!) I hadn't really read anything  paranormal. In fact, I rarely read anything YA. I don't remember reading anything other than adult mystery & suspense, or romance novels, by choice. Anything that I read before Twilight that would be considered young adult, was a requirement in school. Why? I have no idea. I was never drawn to that genre, perhaps because I was a teenager and I longed to grow up. Now maybe I long to be a teenager again, somewhere deep inside myself. Who knows, really.

Anywho, the point. Once I read the Twilight saga, I started reading other young adult novels, many of which were paranormal, and I realized just how much I prefer it over contemporary. I won't necessarily say I prefer it over adult romance or mystery, because I feel like each of those speak to a different part of myself and I just have to be in the right mood for each. But if you put a YA novel about fallen angels in front of me, and then a contemporary--I'll most likely choose the one about fallen angels. Maybe it pushes my imagination further than a contemporary, because I like to imagine living the impossible. Orrr, maybe it all goes back to my mood.

How about you? Do you have a preference, or are you a mood reader too?


  1. Basically I read almost every genre, but there are some genres I prefer more than others, Fantasy and Mystery are two of my top favorite genres. About YA, it all depend on the plot and characters. Sometimes after reading too many YA and feeling overwhelmed with teen angst and love triangle, I stay away for awhile and when that happened, I always return to fantasy and mystery and most of the time, they never let me down.

  2. I love paranormal! It's my all time favorite and I actually have a difficult time getting into any book that doesn't fall into that genre. My imagination has always been extremely active, and I love escaping to where the impossible becomes possible. :)

  3. I read both kinds but sometimes it really does depend on whats on my mind. When I was a teenager I don't think there was as much out there as there is now. :( I started reading YA about two years ago and even though I still like a good James Patterson book, etc as I look around my desk I see more YA than

  4. For me it's always about my mood, I never really plan on picking up something in particular until something just appeals to me and it can be any genre at that point.

  5. Interesting question. It's all about mood for me, too - sometimes I want a light, feel-good YA, sometimes a thick, family drama and other times I want a breezy paranormal. I don't like reading any one genre for too long, though - I prefer to alternate because, like you said, every genre speaks to a different part of myself. I definitely like me some variety.

  6. I think when I was a teenager and could've enjoyed YA & Paranormal even more there weren't really that many great ones out. I think that's why I would gravitated more towards adult mysteries & Nancy drew novels. Now I love both YA & Paranormal genres and can't get enough. The regular adult mysteries have kind of been put on the back burner I don't think they grab my interest enough anymore.


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