Thursday, July 15, 2010

New blog of interest! To you? Possibly!

My best friend Shanise (@Camisado Mind) and I have teamed up to create another blog! (Not to be confused with the new look here at Another Book Junkie.) This is a separate blog, run by the both of us. 

I have all but written it stone; dedicating this blog to the YA genre. While young adult is the genre I read most, it is by no means all I read. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to review more than just YA novels, as well as movies and tv shows based on books. So that's what we'll be doing. As well as giveaways! We have a giveaway planned when we hit 50 followers, so head on over there to follow now!

Shanise and I have been best friends for years, but we rarely enjoy the same things. Aside from our love of reading, of course. We often read the same books, but we rarely agree on them. I think it'll be quite interesting to see our contrasting views on these things!

And now to unveil the name of our blog.....*drum roll please*......

Yup, you read right....Bury the Castle is the name of the new blog in town. We were listening to some of our favorite Paramore songs & and I had a feeling "Brick by Boring Brick" would be where we'd find our gem! "Bury the castle" is a lyric straight out of that [amazing] song.
*To watch the music video for "Brick by Boring Brick" by the epicness that is Paramore click here! You may have an ad before the youtube video.

To follow the new blog make sure to click here & tell your friends.
We'll add a button and everything up by the end of next week for sure. Including a few reviews. 
(And maybe a giveaway if we have at least 50 followers by then.)

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