Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit of a change to my rating system!

This post is actually mostly for my own reference, but I figured hey, why not let anyone who cares know as well?

After posting my last review, I realized that maybe I need a better system to rate books. One to Five just seems kind of.....dull. Plus, sometimes it's hard for me to rate things because certain aspects are fantastic, while others are awful. I figure a broader rating system will help me with that!

These are the most most important aspects to me, and they are what I will be using from here on out for my ratings:

Cover (How I personally perceive, and whether or not it depicts the story in any way)
Plot (We all know what a plot is, right? Good.)
Characters (Character depth, voice.)
Pace (How well the story flows, and keeps my interest.)
Ending (How happy am I with the ending?)
Writing Style (Not necessarily the complexity, but how I personally felt about the writing style.)

I know it may seem like a bit much, but like I said, this is mostly just to help me feel a little more confident in the ratings I'm giving books. It seems a bit more fair to the authors, and to the readers. This portion of my reviews will be placed at the bottom, but I will still be giving a standard 1-5 star rating in the beginning of the post.

Happy readings everyone!

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